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Azersun Holding started out back in 1991 to become a strong market leader position in the food production, retail and farming sectors throughout the country and region wide.

Consistent with the considerable role it plays in shaping the country's producing and exporting image today Azersun Holding takes pride in its wide overseas market network powered by a huge production capacity of its factories countrywide. The company is dedicated to enriching the lives of its customers and the communities based on its corporate values system, customer satisfaction, quality maintenance, social responsibility projects and environmental protection principles. 

Since the very start of its activities, the company invariably pursued a policy of corporate social responsibility through a consistent cooperative approach towards its customers, stakeholders and the Azerbaijani public in general. This also stems from a deeply held vision that the country development extends far beyond the economic dimension and goes well into the social and cultural proceeds of the business activities within the private sector. Azersun Holding has a strong unwavering passion for its mission with respect to celebrating, preserving and promoting of this valuable heritage among younger generation. We regard the rich cultural legacy of Azerbaijan as a linchpin within the global cultural heritage and strive to foster, preserve and promote it to the future generations.