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  1. 1

    The principle of fairness and honesty

Understanding of rights stands on the basis of our work. We establish a proper balance; we are not regress about others.

  1. 2

    Operating principles

We believe that everyone will gain value for their hard work and will be rewarded for their efforts.

  1. 3

    Quality Policy

To identify the needs and expectations of our customers. Our main target is to provide our customers with high quality products and services, which will exceed their expectations.

  1. 4

    The principle of responsibility

We value human health and take it into high consideration. Therefore our manufacturing process never compromises on safety and health measures.

  1. 5

    Morality principles

We employ people with good morality, we believe that our employees are leaders of their own work.

  1. 6

    The principle of trust

We give moral and material support to our employees, we also pay attention to their motivation.

  1. 7

    Team spirit

We encourage our employees to freely express their mind and thoughts,we give big importance to employees’ thoughts and opinions.

  1. 8

    Equity principle

We create a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. The main principle for us is to provide justice.

  1. 9

    The principle of flexibility

We see that our employees are open and dynamic to the company improvement; we also see their sustainable success as a basis of the company.

  1. 10

    Organizational principle

We highly value the confidence and faithfulness of our employees.

  1. 11

    Equality principles

In spite of any religion, language, race, nationality and social status, all our employees are equal for us.

  1. 12

    Technological know-how principles

We rapidly adopt technological innovations, develop, use, and create our own know-how business.

  1. 13

    The principle of excellence

We adopt a total quality together with our employees.

  1. 14

    The principle of the beneficence to the company

We make huge efforts to gain the trust of local people and to be reliable as a company.

  1. 15

     The principle of the environmental sensitivity

We pay attention to the protection of the natural environment in the areas in which we work.

  1. 16

    The principle of conventionality

We follow the rules of all the traditions of our company.

  1. 17

    The principle of sustainability

Our main target is to ensure we protect nature for future generations and to shed light on the steps.

  1. 18

    The principle of love and respect

We will maintain our relationship of mutual respect towards individuals. We will protect and pay attention to the development of human relations.

  1. 19

    The principle of honest competitions

We believe that the principle of honest competition would lead us to agility and excellence.