Azerbaijan Paper and Cardboard Production Plant

The cardboard factory, which operated in the 1980s at Khirdalan, 1232, joined the "Azersun Holding" Group of Companies in 1997. Having started production under the Holding, in 1997-2008, the enterprise operated as Karton-Tara OJSC, and in 2008-2011, as Khirdalan Cardboard Factory OJSC. Since 2011, the enterprise has expanded its production and continued operating as "Azerbaijan Paper and Cardboard Production Plant". In 2011, the Recycling Department and the Paper Towel Factory, and in 2014, the Waste Paper Processing Factory started operating at "Azerbaijan Paper and Cardboard Production Plant".
"Azerbaijan Paper and Cardboard Production Plant", gradually expanding its activity and primarily using waste paper collected in the country as a raw material for cardboard production, manufactures various grades and types of roll paper, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-layer corrugated cardboard packaging, labels, cardboard egg trays, offset paper cardboard packaging, packaging corners of various sizes and types, paper towels, wet wipes, toilet paper, etc.
The key mission of "Azerbaijan Paper and Cardboard Production Plant" is to provide reliable and exemplary packaging products and services meeting international standards, develop the knowledge and skills of its employees and improve together with them, continuously increase the company's profits and act according to the quality management system, keeping environmental protection and human health at the forefront.
The following entities operate under APCPP:
1.    Recycling Department
2.    Waste Paper Recycling Factory
3.    Torn Up Cardboard Factory
4.    Paper Towel Factory