"To happy future clarified by the education" together with "Shokki Mokki"!

“Shokki Mokki”, the first children's brand in the food industry of Azerbaijan adheres to its slogan (“Happy Tomorrow”) and continues to support successful future of the children living in the capital and regions of the country. The next step of the brand in this field was “My School” project, joined by it in cooperation with UAFA organization.

Within the campaign under the slogan "To happy future clarified by the education", you can support "My School" project by purchasing "Shokki Mokki" products in the stores.

The purpose of the project is to create alternative and sustainable educational opportunities for the children who do not have access to preschool education due to disability, low income or living in remote villages. Within this social campaign, it is planned to open 300 preschool institutions by the end of 2023, in each of which 20 children shall be educated. At present, the number of preschool institutions is 50.

Besides, the women from the regions shall also be involved in the implementation of "My School" project, which is important contribution to ensuring their employment.

We invite the whole Azersun family to support "My School" campaign by purchasing "Shokki Mokki" products.

"To happy future clarified by the education" together with "Shokki Mokki"!