SABIS® SUN international school (SABIS® SUN) has started to function for pupils from preschool age to the age of the 8th form since September 1, 2015. At present, the school educates pupils from preschool age to the age of 11th form. The school is located in a town with an area of 67 000 sq.m on the territory of "Dreamland". 
Just like other schools that are members of the SABIS® Network, SABIS® SUN is a full-time multinational, non-selective, independent English-speaking school that provides co-educational services to both local and international communities. 
English is the main tuition language at SABIS® SUN International School for all the academic disciplines except for Azerbaijani literature, geography, and history.
In addition to English and Azerbaijani (as the first and state language), SABIS® SUN International School shall continue teaching Russian in the usual manner starting from the 2018-2019 academic year and shall also add French as the 3rd language. 
SABIS® SUN is a part of the SABIS® international network, established by opening the first school in 1886. The schools that are the members of SABIS® Network have been educating the pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve world-class success for 132 years. At present, SABIS® Network educates 70.000 pupils in its schools, functioning on five continents and in 20 countries.