Südabə Ağayeva

Chief Specialist of the Planning Department at the Baku Food & Oil Factory LLC

26 years with Azersun... Sudaba Aghayeva, Chief Specialist of the Planning Department at the Baku Food & Oil Factory LLC. I, Sudaba Agayeva, was born in Baku. I have been working at this company since 1997. My first position was a planning specialist, and today I work as the chief specialist of the Planning Department at the Baku Food & Oil Factory LLC. In fact, I found this job by accident. I was looking for a job at that time. My parents found out about this company and suggested me to apply for a job. So I did. I had an interview, which was very successful. After 1-2 weeks I was offered a job. At first I worked as a planning specialist of the Planning Department. Looking back on the past 26 years, I feel pride. The most memorable moments for me are those when I was awarded with the plaques by Mr. Abdolbari Gozal in celebration of 10, 15, 20 years of work in the company. These were the proudest moments of my career. I have taken great pains to study this work. I've never rested on my laurels. I've been visiting all production sites. I was in constant search, wondering about the new products. Whenever a new product was released, I got acquainted thoroughly with its packaging and other details. I will never forget the launch of the tin can production (500 g cans), when I visited the tin packaging production department. After all, I'd already learned the oil production process, but the packaging process was a new experience for me. And the best way to succeed I see in loving what you do, reaching after knowledge, and being responsible fulfilling your duties.

Məhəmməd İmanov

Head of the Technical Department at the San Tea Factory LLC under the Azersun Holding

30 years on the factory floor... Muhammad Imanov, Head of the Technical Department at the San Tea Factory LLC under the Azersun Holding. 39 years at a tea factory are filled with wonderful memories and a pride one can't express in words. I started working at this tea factory in January 1984. And I've been working here ever since. 39 years straight... The more I worked, the more I liked my job and our company. This is the place where I saw the difficulties of working life, its principles and responsibility for the first time. That's why I dedicated my life to Azersun Holding. Sometimes I say to myself: "How fortunate that I came across this company"... A company thrives when its employees are healthy and happy. I mean, how can people be strangers to the places where years of their lives have passed? They've been talking to people, sharing joys and sorrows with them, spending most of the day there. I think that people feel happy when their life paths coincide with their desires, when they are at peace with the current place, when they succeed. I’m sure that I will not be mistaken if I say that Azersun Holding is like a second home to me... Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Head of the Azersun Holding Group of Companies Mr. Abdolbari Gozal for his personal attention to me, my activities, and my work. I hope to justify the confidence reposed in me and contribute to the further development of our company. I feel it my duty to say that when teaching young people we must remember to cultivate their interest in the profession they've chosen, to instill a sense of love for the craft. After all, it is love, aspiration, and curiosity that serve as an inspiration for any success in the work. If you really want something and work towards it, you will succeed, no doubt.

Əli Qarayev

Electrician-electronics engineer at Azersun Holding

Ali Garayev devoted 25 years of his life to Azersun Holding. I have been working as an electrician-electronics engineer at Azersun Holding since 1998. It was a great privilege for me. And yet, it is a great responsibility. I will keep doing everything possible to justify the confidence reposed in me, to be useful to the company and to fulfill the tasks assigned to me. The responsibility placed on me serves me as an inspiration. All these years created so many memories... It was my first workplace and it struck me as a particularly interesting one. I have been working with such a great team and so wonderful people over these 25 years. I learned a lot here. And i love my job so much. It even seems to me that I can overcome all the difficulties. But dealing with electrical wiring is an extremely responsible job and requires a lot of experience. One mistake, even negligence can cause a tremendous tragedy. Therefore, this profession wasn't quite popular among young people before. There is charm in every profession, every craft. The key is to be devoted to the profession you chose with all your heart, to learn all its secrets, and to master all its subtleties. This is the only way for you to gain the respect of society in your profession. Azersun is a backbone. And the strength of this backbone is fuelled by the steadiness of its structure.

Tərənnüm Əlirzayev

Production Engineer

Following a healthy lifestyle is essential for all of us. And it is actually not difficult whatsoever. Tarannum Alirzayev, an employee of the Azerbaijan Salt Production Association, born in 1976, is one of the health enthusiasts. In 2013, he started working at the Masazir Salt Plant as a foreman. In 2015, he was transferred to a position of a shift supervisor. And since 2022 he has been working as a production engineer. It should be noted that Tarannum commutes daily from Sumgayit to the Masazir Salt Plant by bicycle. He is a father to seven children and the head coach of the football team of the Azerbaijan Salt Production Association that reached the semifinals of the championship in 2017, and took second place in the game with Khayal Adasy in 2018.

Fuad Salmanlı


Regardless of your task at work, you must always keep moving, study to achieve your goal, demonstrate savvy and will, be responsible, hardworking, and persistent. Everyone with the said qualities will certainly achieve his or her goal. Thankfully, the modern youth possesses such qualities. And Fuad Salmanli is one of these young people. He started his career back in 2015 as a worker at the Sun Tea Tea-Packing Factory. But he set up a goal to become an operator and did his best to study thoroughly the equipment operation. The skilled operators were very supportive of Fuad, seeing his diligence and perseverance. His commitment and strong work ethic did not go unnoticed by the management team. The Company management encouraged Fuad showing him attention and care, and strengthened his self-confidence even further. Being a naturally friendly and sociable person, he earned respect among his colleagues. These qualities helped him in learning the fine grain of his work from more experienced employees and earn their support. Today, F. Salmanli is improving his knowledge in the field of technical repair to become a technical worker. Step by step he was moving towards his goal, so his success is the result of his diligence, commitment and high perceptiveness. Since 2022 F. Salmanli has been acting as a repairman. We believe that he will bring even more benefits to our company in years to come thanks to his personal development.

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