Al Market

Launched in 2012, "Al Markets" is the first chain of discount stores in Azerbaijan. Today it is one of the most successful retail chains with more than 800 stores in four regions of the country.
Along with the simple interior of its stores and product presentations, "Al Market" offers quality products at reasonable prices while controlling costs through a successful supply chain.
"Al Market" chain, the first in Azerbaijan to introduce a hard discount model, has enriched the wide range of food and non-food products in its stores with local and global brands and unique goods. With an experienced management team, about 4,000 employees, and numerous suppliers from all over the country, "Al Market" builds relations based on a special trust with all partners and maintains the highest level of customer satisfaction.
"Al Market's" ever-expanding chain continues to contribute to both the country's economy and employment through the efforts and contributions of new hires.
•    Number of "Al Market2 stores: 822
•    Area: 101,427 m2
•    Staff: 3982 people