“Azersun Holding”, the country's leader in the food production and agricultural sectors of Azerbaijan since 1991, made a significant contribution to the retail sector in 2011 by implementing another successful project and creating the "Bazarstore" Supermarket Chain. For many years, "Bazarstore" has successfully remained the leader and influential representative of the retail trade in Azerbaijan. Serving the widest geography of the country, "Bazarstore" prioritizes freshness, quality, a wide product range, affordable prices, and a high service level. 
"Bazarstore" with 78 stores across the country covers a total area of 127,674 m2 and employs 3,200 people, providing a high level of customer service. 
Bazarstore has also offered the website to its customers. Through this site, customers can order online, learn the addresses of stores, communicate with "Online Chat", apply for a job, register and get a "Super Card".