Khirdalan Cardboard Factory

"Azersun Holding" invested heavily in the development of the "Khirdalan Cardboard Factory", which joined the Holding's Group of Companies in 1997. Thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies, the enterprise now satisfies the country's annual demand for corrugated cardboard and cardboard containers at a high level. Currently, the factory is among the leading enterprises in the country, satisfying consumer demand for 2- and 5-layer corrugated cardboard boxes, various molded containers, special container inserts, and other packaging products of any color and design.
The enterprise’s single production line can currently satisfy the demand of the whole country. The commissioning of the 2nd production line is aimed at expanding the factory’s export potential and gaining additional foreign market share, as well as supporting and promoting our state policy aimed at transforming it from an importing country into an exporting one.
Paper products manufactured at the factory - corrugated cardboard, flexographic and offset print boxes, containers, separators, egg trays, cardboard sheets, various corners, and labels - meet international standards and can compete with leading enterprises manufacturing similar products.
A state-accredited laboratory operates at the "Khirdalan Cardboard Factory". All laboratory equipment and instruments are regularly tested and calibrated by the Holding’s specialized unit (I&C). The laboratory checks the quality indicators of raw materials, corrugated cardboard, and containers according to GOSTs and the ISO 9001:2000 system. Currently, the laboratory checks the weight and moisture (%) of raw materials (cardboard and paper) based on the type and grammage. Semi-finished products and corrugated cardboard are also tested for planar and end compression resistance and the lamination method, and container compression is analyzed according to GOST.